Friday, April 6, 2012

Come On Spring!

Spring is always too slow to arrive in our neck of the woods...or semi arid steppe land, to be more precise. It warms up and the sun shines just enough to tease us and the flowers into thinking that spring has sprung and then we have freezing night temperatures, cold winds and gloomy days. After more than 30 years here, I know this is typical but I still feel betrayed every spring. We have a magnolia tree that quite frankly we (and by we I mean Dave) have no business trying to grow this far north let alone on this side of the Cascades. The day time temperatures have been just warm enough to encourage it to bloom.
Last night the weather warning came out for freezing temperatures. For the apple and other fruit tree growers, freezing temperatures during April and May can be disastrous. For us, it is more frivolous, but Dave likes his little magnolia tree and used a few Christmas light to keep it just warm enough to thwart the cold.
Merry Christmas Magnolia!

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  1. I love it! Your explanation reminds me of mom trying to nurture along a couple of rhododendrons. Really, couldn't Washington have picked a state flower that happily grew everywhere in the state? I have a magnolia tree outside my office window, and I love it. It just makes me sad when the blossoms start to open up and bam: cold weather strikes.