Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Photo A Day-Feet
I bought new shoes. I don't buy shoes all that often, but since the soles of the shoes I usually wear partially melted in the fire the other day, I didn't have much choice. I have a hard time meshing comfort and fashion. I like fashionable shoes so long as they are on someone else's feet. I wear tennis shoes almost everyday. I suppose I should call them athletic shoes, since tennis shoes sounds a bit out of date...unless I was buying them to use for playing tennis, which I am not. I just need comfortable shoes. I prefer to wear black shoes since they blend in with jeans. I wear jeans almost everyday now that I am not working, or rather semi-retired, as I like to say in order to get more respect.
 In addition to looking for black shoes, I was looking for shoes on sale. I couldn't fulfill both requirements in little Ephrata where there are only two stores that sell shoes. I had to settle for spending less money and buying white shoes. They stand out like light house beacons announcing to the world that I have on bright shiny new shoes. I feel like I am in kindergarten at show and tell . As far as I am concerned, they can't get dirty soon enough. Still, they are comfortable so I shouldn't complain. Few things are worse than sore feet, not even ugly shoes.

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  1. Love the shoes! I'm with you on this one. It's all about comfort to me, too.